Friday, June 1, 2018

Ready to punch somebody

Don't you dare, don't any of you dare, to offer me friendship or following or whatever with piracy. I've had  four of those this week alone.

If you show me a pirate site and say hubba hubba come steal the author's work, all I can say to you is FUCK YOURSELF WITH A TABASCO SOAKED CACTUS! IN WHATEVER HOLE IS TIGHTEST!

Authors work hard to tell a story and entertain us. If all you can think of is how to steal that, you are nobody I want to know.


  1. Thank you for this. People forget piracy is damaging. I appreciate you shaming the hell out those who approach you.

  2. I've seen sites where people thanked the pirate and told them how wonderful they were for providing a 'free' story.A thief, wonderful? Sigh. Thank you so much for standing up for the hardworking authors!


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