Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Family Man by Devyn Morgan

Title: Family Man
Author: Devyn Morgan
Cover artist: not mentioned
Genre: contemporary
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Formats: Mobi, print, audio
Length: 38k est  146 pages

Back in the heartland town he escaped years ago, Van Farley finds the occasional beer and eye candy at the one and only local gay bar, catering to the Stetson set. Everyone’s got eyes for the new man, but Van must keep his head down and not risk his job as a teacher. That’s fine, until hot-and-doesn’t-know-it Jacob Strickland walks in.

Jacob grew up fast, settling down to give his pregnant, teenaged sister some stability. He doesn’t date, dedicating himself to being a suitable father figure for both his sister and his nephew, now old enough to start school.

When Jacob gets dragged out to a local club, a sex-on-legs stranger gives him a night to remember.

One night only. No repeats. They’ll never see each other again.

Until the first day of school.

Family Man is a standalone novella with hot guys, a cute kid, and an HEA.


When Devyn Morgan gets it right, he gets it really, really right. Like here.

Part of the fun of Family Man is readers know something the characters don’t know, and we get lots of opportunities to groan and smile and groan again for the near misses and could have beens. Mistaken identity on one side and a whole lot of assumptions on the other make for a couple that can hop in bed once and then have a lot to figure out before they can do it again.

Each man has to question his values too, and then figure out where those values are going to take them. Both Jacob and Van have to put their money where their mouths are, so to speak, and that takes then where they didn’t think they’d go. And yay, is it a spoiler to say that it takes them together? There’s an HEA and what a good thing it is!

The secondary characters here are a lot of fun: Jacob’s small nephew gets the “out of the mouths of babes” lines. Cody the meddling cousin is an adorable, popular, and wise young man, who looked like he needed a story when I read this book. Checking the book list makes it look like I got my wish, so Roping the Wind is in my Kindle now too.

Watching these two guys fumble their way into good places is a great time. 5 marbles

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