Wednesday, January 25, 2017

I'm back, kind of

It's not too late to wish everyone happy new year, is it?

My personal life got super weird there, again, but yay, not my health this time, and that's all I want to say about that, except that there are no guarantees I won't fall off the radar again when shit gets shitty.

One thing that will help is not trying to keep to the exact schedule I was trying to achieve. Still going to post as often as I can, but 2-3 reviews a week may just not be possible, in which case I'm going to do what I can. This might make me a bad choice for a review request or a blog stop. But I have to take my own sanity a little more seriously in order to not get overwhelmed. I've been overwhelmed. It sucked.  And you don't want a review that says Loved it, cute doggie hot sex rawr.

Do you? The flip side is Yuck horrible style hate the cat boo. Or, Meh.  I don't want to post that, but when I'm overwhelmed it's hard to say more. I have to take it easier to be more consistent.

If I have a book, I will get to it, I promise. And either I find a replacement for the lameass carousel of covers or go to something else completely. Suggestions welcome. Photobucket and blogger don't work right together any more.

And neat Thursday pictures that might inspire a drabble or a ficlet. I can do those. Tomorrow is Thursday, and oh my, do I have a pic for you!


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