Monday, October 3, 2016

The Alpha and His Ace by Ana J Phoenix

Title: The Alpha and His Ace
Author: ana J. Phoenix
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Cover Artist: Ana J. Phoenix
Genre: contemporary, paranormal, free
Length: 18k
Formats:   Mobi, epub, pdf

Young, handsome, and the alpha of his wolf pack, Brandon has never had trouble finding men to have sex with. Only one thing is missing--his mate. Brandon can’t find him, and the rest of his pack is growing concerned about his lack of partner. An alpha needs a strong partner.

Things seem to be looking up when he finally finds his fated companion in Aidan. One problem—Aidan’s asexual, and Brandon’s now confused. Who doesn’t want sex? Aidan, that’s who. And Brandon hasn’t got a clue how to make someone love him without it.

It's going to take some serious self-examination, acceptance, and some really good cake for Brandon to make his way into Aidan’s heart.
This is a sweet freebie, with a dab of education. I hadn’t read any ace stories before, and that’s the big problem these two guys have: alpha werewolves are sexy beasts, and bond for life. And with an asexual partner?

I’m going to skip over lightly on the alpha werewolf part, because that section isn’t the most developed, and it’s not why I picked the story up anyway. There’s lots of werewolves. Aces are harder to come by.

Brandon runs into the main conflict when he at last locates the one destined to be his mate. He’s a really decent person, looking after a drunk girl who comes on to him, because the next guy she approaches could be a predator of a different kind. He gets her home safely, and wow, here’s the guy he went to meet—and he’s not on Brendan’s wavelength. Aidan is charming, and ace, and Brendan’s having trouble not just pouncing. He’s acting like a big goof, really, and it’s funny. How do you tell someone you’re a wolf, and that he’s stuck with you, and there’s sex involved?

Brandon's wolfiness is actually used in a cute way here, because with him in wolf form, sex isn't on the table, which frees them both.

The story did work out as a bit of a public service announcement in the middle, but Brandon had to educate himself, and then Aiden helps, and they do find a way that everyone gets what they want and need, or don’t. And also is a lesson on preconceived notions.

I actually found it odder that the alpha werewolf still lives with Mom.

I learned something from this story, and maybe I will keep from saying something stupid to a RL person now. The author has kindly set this one to free, and I say read it, you'll be a better person for it. Plus entertained. 4 marbles

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