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Suddenly Yours by Jacob Z. Flores, guest post and giveaway

Suddenly Yours
by Jacob Z. Flores

"What Happens in Vegas Doesn't Always Stay in Vegas"

Cody Hayes is having one epic morning-after. The hangover following a Vegas bachelor party is nothing new to him, and neither is the naked man in his bed.

His apparent marriage is a different story.

Carefully plotting every detail of his life carried Julian Canales to a senate seat as an openly gay man. A drunken night of Truth or Dare isn’t like him… and neither is marrying a man he just met. He’d get an annulment, but the media has gotten wind of his hasty nuptials. If Julian’s political career is going to survive, he has to stay married to a man who’s his opposite in every way.

Now he must convince Cody that all they need to do is survive a conservative political rival, a heartbroken ex, their painful pasts… and an attraction neither man can fight.


Jacob's Top 3 favorite 
Sandra Bullock Movies

Hi, everyone! I’m Jacob Z. Flores, and I’m so glad to be here promoting my October 15 release Suddenly Yours, the second book in my One Fine Day series.

Some of you may already know that the books in this series all center on the theme of marriage. In fact, a wedding/marriage is the common thread in all the books in the series. The characters in each book will be different and so will their situations. This will allow readers to pick up the series at any point without feeling as if they have missed out on something covered in the first book.

Now that you know a little about the series itself, I’d like to introduce you to Julian Canales, one of the main characters in Suddenly Yours, the second book in the series.

Julian is a member of the U.S. Senate, where he hopes to affect positive change in the country and for his California constituents. Naturally, he’s ambitious and driven, which are wonderful qualities, but for Julian those positives also lead to a major negative—he’s far too serious all the time. Constantly worried about scandal, Julian lives an extremely controlled life, which makes him sometimes seem cold, aloof, and well, a major party pooper. However, when Julian does need to cut loose, he kicks back on his couch and indulges in one of his guilty pleasures—watching a Sandra Bullock movie.

So what better way is there to get to know Julian than by letting him share the Sandra Bullock movies he loves the most? Without further ado, I’d like all of you to meet Unites States Senator Julian Canales.

Good afternoon, everyone. I’m extremely honored to be here with you today. I must admit conversing with an audience through a blog post is quite a departure from my routine of campaign speeches or speaking on the Senate floor. I’m used to the smiling faces of my supporters or the snarling visages of my opponents across the aisle as I try to get the immigration laws in this country changed. It’s rather bizarre but also a bit freeing to step outside of the box, which is something my campaign manager Adria tries to get me to do all the time.

But enough about that. I’m here today to speak with you about my favorite Sandra Bullock movies, a topic I wasn’t too keen on discussing with anyone if I’m being frank. While I do enjoy a good Sandra Bullock movie, it’s not a subject I really discuss, considering most of my colleagues prefer independent films and documentaries. But now, well, I suppose the cat is out of the bag.

One of the reasons I love Sandra Bullock’s movies is because her characters are often quirky and typically act outside what is expected. Her characters are strong women, who defy whatever conventions are imposed upon them, and I admire Bullock for choosing those types of roles. Her movies give me hope that perhaps one day the women in my own family might follow suit.
So in honor of strong women everywhere and the hope they bring us all, here are the Sandra Bullock movies that made my top 3.

#3—The Proposal 

This movie is one of my all time favorites, and it’s not just because we get to see Ryan Reynolds, well, in almost his birthday suit. Sure, that is a nice draw to this movie as well as Betty White’s performance. Who doesn’t love our favorite Golden Girl? But in this movie Bullock plays tough-as-nails book editor Margaret who runs her office with an iron fist. That’s definitely something I can relate to, but what I find endearing about this film is how Bullock manages to soften Margaret’s hardened exterior as she faces deportation (back to Canada) and the loss of the career she has worked hard to build. In her desperation to remain in the country, Margaret “blackmails” her assistant played by Reynolds to marry her. What follows is a wonderful story about how the tough Margaret changes into the women she was always meant to be without losing any of the character’s fierceness. That’s definitely inspiring to me.

#2—The Blind Side

This movie is all kinds of wonderful and definitely deserves its second place ranking on my list. In this movie, Bullock plays Leigh Anne Tuohy, a strong southern woman and mother who basically adopts Michael Ohr, a young black man who has lived an extremely tough life. She takes him from the streets into her affluent home and lifestyle and doesn’t bat an eye at the sideways glances her family receives for opening their home to him. Bullock delivers a wonderful performance as her character treats Michael as if he is one of her own and loves him just as unconditionally. It’s a truly inspiring tale of the power of a mother’s love and devotion. 

#1—Miss Congeniality 

While this movie didn’t win an Academy Award, it still remains my favorite Sandra Bullock movie of all. Bullock plays FBI agent Gracie Hart, who is good at her job and doesn’t give two cents about how she looks. In fact, she goes to extreme measures to be just like one of the boys. Well, at least until a terrorist threatens the Miss Universe pageant, which sends Gracie undercover as one of the contestants. While Bullock’s character gets a major makeover, Bullock makes sure that her character doesn’t lose any of her strength or intelligence to the makeup and form-fitting dresses. This movies is so much fun from beginning to end, and that’s why it takes the number one spot on this list.

That brings me to the end of my list of Top 3 Favorite Sandra Bullock movies of all time. What did you think about my list? Did your favorite movie make the top 3? If not, let me know which one is your favorite. I’d love to talk about it. 


Cody Hayes had had some epic hangovers in his life. In college he’d woken up naked in front of his fraternity house after his brothers had decided to draw obscene pictures in Magic Marker all over his skin. It had taken him a week to finally scrub the many penises off his flesh. Then there was his twenty-first birthday, when his best friend, Sam Judd, convinced him he’d look good without eyebrows, or the time he’d sung “I Will Always Love You” to his college crush, the star quarterback for the Texas Longhorns. That had been a fun night of trying not to get his ass kicked.
There had been other moments like that throughout the thirty years of his life, but this one… well, this one took the cake.
He’d never woken up married before.
“We’re what?” his new husband asked before glancing at Cody’s hand. Cody quit fiddling with the wedding band and pointed to his finger.
Julian, his gasping groom, fixed his gaze on his own left hand. “Is this a joke?”
If only this was a prank cooked up by his scheming best friends, but neither of them was that lucky. Although Cody couldn’t quite remember everything at the moment thanks to the alcohol-induced fog that clouded his memories, he distinctly recalled walking into the twenty-four-hour chapel hand in hand with Julian and laughing all the way down the aisle. They certainly weren’t laughing now. “Nope. We’re hitched.”
“This—this can’t be happening,” Julian groaned, a look of panic seizing his dark, handsome features as he glanced at the white sheets wrapped around their bodies. “Am I—? Are we—? Did we—?”
Cody didn’t need Julian to finish his questions to know what he was asking. Clearly they’d been married long enough already for Cody to finish his thoughts. “Yes, yes, and—” He reached under the blankets. The head of his cock was raw, and when he cupped his balls, they ached as if he’d been slamming them hard against something all night. “Yes.”
Julian covered his mouth with his hand, and a second later he was a naked blur heading for the bathroom. Shortly after the door slammed, the magical sounds of violent retching echoed off the tiled walls.
Not exactly a stellar way to start off their lives together.

One Fine Day Series 

Undercover Boyfriend 
(One Fine Day Series #1)

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About The Author

Jacob Z. Flores lives a double life. During the day, he is a respected college English professor and mid-level administrator. At night and during his summer vacation, he loosens the tie and tosses aside the trendy sports coat to write man on man fiction, where the hard ass assessor of freshmen level composition turns his attention to the firm posteriors and other rigid appendages of the characters in his fictional world.

 Summers in Provincetown, Massachusetts, provide Jacob with inspiration for his fiction. The abundance of barely clothed man flesh and daily debauchery stimulates his personal muse.

When he isn’t stroking the keyboard, Jacob spends time with his daughter. They both represent a bright blue blip in an otherwise predominantly red swath in south Texas.

You can find Jacob at 



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