Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Blind Date by Kate Doherty

Title: Blind Date
Author: Kay Doherty
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Cover Artist: Natasha Snow
Genre: contemporary
Length: 42k (novella)
Formats mobi, epub, pdf

Dekker Callan is content with his life though he knows something is missing. Wanting the kind of love his friends share with their partners, Dekker is talked into taking part in a modeling and dating show as part of a fundraiser. He immediately falls in love with the anonymous, sexy voice on the other side of the wall, but fate has a surprise in store–his mystery man isn’t single.

Slade Gannon wasn’t supposed to take part in the dating show. That spot was for his roommate, Phil, who becomes ill and asks Slade to take his place. Slade has just recently gone through a breakup with his cheating boyfriend, George. Shocked and pleased when he wins the interest of handsome Dekker Callan, before he can go on the obligatory blind date, his ex asks for a second chance. Believing Dekker can’t possibly be as good on the inside as he looks on the outside, Slade agrees.

Dekker and Slade hit it off immediately, drawn to each other despite Slade being involved with someone else. They finally get their opportunity to be together when Slade finds out his boyfriend is still cheating, but just as they seem to discover the happiness they’ve been waiting for, George throws them one last hurdle—and this one may prove to be insurmountable.

After that blurb, there’s not a lot I can do to spoil this story…

And I should have read the blurb and backed away slowly.

Because when someone shows you who they are, you should believe them. The first time.

Slade doesn’t. He kicked the asshat George to the curb for a reason, but takes him back, and for no apparent reason. Unless he’s that terrified of being single for twenty minutes, which reads more like 14 year old girl than grown man, because he has this wonderful date scheduled with an apparently wonderful guy that he REALLY REALLY WANTED. But no, instead of going out and having a good time and seeing where it goes, let’s take the shithead back.

And…. It goes downhill from there. Very little Slade did reversed my opinion to make me believe he’s a functioning adult.

Also, Dekker should have been paying attention to who Slade’s saying he is, and backed away fast. Kudos for Slade being a man of his word, and OMGWTFBBQ on everything else.

I didn’t like any of the characters, and I couldn’t buy in to the situations, because things went from irritating to over the top. So while this book had some strong points, like Dekker’s ideas for a date, and the writing style as a whole, I spent far too much reading time yelling at the Kindle. 2 marbles

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