Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Optical Illusion by Emma Jaye

Title:Optical Illusion
Author: Emma Jaye
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Cover Artist: unknown
Length: 350 pages
Formats: Mobi

Smile, wiggle, lie, apologise, and run for the hills.

That's the formula Chris has used all his life, but this time, he has something he’s never had to lose before, a family that cares. The problem is, his new brother’s very edible friend isn’t fooled by his act. If his secrets are revealed, they won’t want him and he has nowhere else to go.

Thanks to a suicide bomber, ex-military police sergeant Jase Rosewood is back in the English countryside. His plans for quiet recuperation are ruined by the effervescent, go-go dancing twink who has everyone wrapped around his little finger. Luckily for the gullible Matt, Jase can smell a liar a mile away, and Chris Bacon, if that’s even his name, stinks to high heaven. Assigned ‘Chris-sitting’ duty while Matt's on honeymoon, Jase has a week to discover what is hidden beneath the bright camouflage. It's a job, just like any other, so why does it feel so different?

Unfortunately, Jase isn’t the only one drawn to the boy who can’t stay still, but instead of wanting to reveal his true colours; they want to dull them forever.

Contains issues of physical abuse, but not between the central couple.


Guest review from Patricia Nelson

This compelling book has got to be one of the most complex, heart rending, heartbraking, hopeful, hilarious, make-me-want-to-open--a-can-of-whupass-on-someone, make me cry like a baby, emotional stories that I have ever read! I was a little disappointed by the cliffhanger ending, but the next one is well worth waiting for!!

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