Saturday, August 6, 2016

Thinking about ratings

Now that Patricia is doing the occasional guest review, she has her own icons here at the Bookshelf. Her idea of a great book and mine don't have to be the same, but I'm sure if she gives a book five kitties, I'll enjoy it too.

Patricia's reviews will have her Facebook icon, and her ratings look like this:

Patricia reads a lot. She told me how many books she's read since April, and I about fell over. So the ones she wants me to post about here are probably only going to be the really good ones. She may have only three reviews here, but she probably read three books before breakfast. (Kidding. Only a little though.)

I'm much crazier than Patricia. Which is why she has kitties for her reviews and I have marbles. I haven't lost them all yet. Soon. I also don't read nearly as much, though I wish I could, so I'll be talking about books that I may have enjoyed but didn't give only top marks to.

A three marble review isn't a bad review. It's "I liked it." I may not have gotten excited about it, but there was something to like there, and I did. Fives rock my socks all the way off.  Editing is not what I'm looking at most, but a lot of errors may cost half a marble, because it detracts from the reading experience.

WOW Photobucket
Loved this Photobucket
Really liked this Photobucket
Liked this a lotPhotobucket
Liked this Photobucket
Okay, but... Photobucket
Meh Photobucket
Didn't work for me Photobucket
Really didn't work for me Photobucket

Crossposting to Goodreads is a problem, because it's whole numbers only over there. Rounding up or down is going to have to be a judgment call, and if the number isn't round over here, I'll note it there.

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