Friday, August 26, 2016

Holy Cow! by EM Lynley

Title: Holy Cow
Author: EM Lynley
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Cover Artist: LC Chase
Genre: paranormal, shapeshifter
Length: 17,600 words
Formats Mobi, Epub, PDF

American med student Duncan Stirling is traveling around India with his two best friends, who have just married. Their last stop is the magical city of Jaisalmer, a fort in the Thar Desert of Rajasthan. He feels like a third wheel on their honeymoon, though the three friends had the trip planned for years, to celebrate finishing medical school and have a last adventure before they start their residencies back in the States.

Akash Nandi is an Indian man from a wealthy and well-known family. At least that’s how he appears. He hides the truth that his family is descended from Nandi, Lord Shiva’s bull, and they’ve guarded sacred places for millennia. Being gay and immortal is tough, especially when his family’s expectations make finding the right mate impossible. As his grandmother, the family matriarch, nears death, a struggle for power puts Akash and his new crush, the charming American Duncan, in harm’s way.

A story from the Dreamspinner Press 2016 Daily Dose package "A Walk on the Wild Side."

From Patricia:

I really loved reading this great story. The settings were exotic and richly detailed, the sex was hot, and I just had to laugh when I realized just how accurately the title of this gem described the shifters.

Cryselle says:

I have to agree 100 % with Patricia, this story really takes us to a faraway place and makes us believe we are there, EM Lynley’s always good with locations, and here she takes us to India and makes us smell the food cooking, see the city glowing golden in the dawn, and taste the desert dust.

Duncan’s completely smitten with Akash, which could break his heart right in two, because of their culture gap and because of his own obligations. His friends are happy he’s having a vacation fling, and a lot less than happy he’s moping around when things aren’t going well. Well, too bad, that’s what they get for dragging a single guy on their honeymoon. Even if it is a grand adventure.

Akash is truly caught between cultures: he has Indian standard and the expectations that go with his sacred bull status, and now there’s this sexy American guy… The resolution to Akash's difficulties seemed a bit jumbly and made me kind of mad, considering who did what: Akash had every right to expect better from certain quarters.

A bull shifter doesn’t come along every day, which made this story unique, and the sense of place is really strong, and so is the bond between Akash and Duncan. 4 marbles

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