Sunday, August 28, 2016

A Thousand Word Thursday Story from Devyn Morgan

This vacationing fellow prompted Devyn Morgan to send along a little piece of his latest novella,  Lifeguard Love. Since I just bought this story, I think I might have to kick it up the TBR pile and read the rest. 

The sunscreen cap snapped, the sound popping through the air. He heard the thick lotion squeeze out of the bottle and Thad rubbing his hands together. It sounded wet and sticky and thick. Oh god. Breathe.

“I’ll start on your shoulders and work my way down. You can tell me if there are any spots you think I missed.” Thad’s hands slipped onto his shoulders and started a slow massage.

Kip breathed a long slow inhalation, trying to keep his breath normal. He crossed his forearm over his crotch in a futile attempt to hold himself under control. Thad’s hands on his shoulders were electric. Thad couldn’t see his face, so Kip closed his eyes and relaxed into his friend’s touch. Thad massaged his shoulders, using his thumbs to actually knead the muscles. “You look a little tense so I’m going to give you a quick back rub while I’m at it.”

“Okay.” Kip barely breathed.

Thad continued his ministrations, working his way down, kneading Kip’s stiff muscles. His touch was expert. He used his fingertips together, then his knuckles, and sometimes the palm of his hand.

“This feels…so good. Where did you learn to do this?”

“My roommate’s girlfriend was going to school to be a massage therapist. She used to practice on me. My condition was that she taught me what she was doing as she went. Obviously I’m no pro, but I learned some things.”

Something thudded inside Kip. He didn’t like the idea of some girl running her hands all over Thad. He had no right to feel this way, which made him feel even worse. What was wrong with him? He tried to keep his voice light. “Your roommate’s girlfriend?”

Thad laughed as he kneaded Kip’s muscles. “Yeah, funny, right?”

“Yeah. Ha, ha.” Kip forced a laugh. Did it sound as fake as it felt? “He didn’t mind his girlfriend putting her hands all over you?”

“Nah, he was too busy with sports and he knew I wouldn’t make a move on his girl.”

“Why is that?”

Thad chuckled softly and stopped moving his hands. “Have you ever known me to make a move on a girl?”

Kip thought. He hadn’t. Why didn’t he notice this before. He just figured Thad wasn’t a womanizer. “Not really, but…”

“I guess it’s just not my style, and he could tell. She said she liked practicing on me specifically because I didn’t try to make a move on her. I guess most guys think a massage is something sexual.”

Kip thought about his current state and felt guilty for feeling exactly that way about the back rub Thad was giving him. He willed himself to stop swelling and to just take it for what it was. “Yeah, ha ha! Some guys…” He swallowed hard.

LIfeguard Love by Devyn Morgan is available now on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited!

When up-and-coming social media star Kip Weiss lands a summer lifeguard job at an exclusive resort, there are strings attached. The sweet bonus privileges require a roommate, and after a year in the random dorms, Kip wants to pick who shares the tight quarters. He invites his best friend, the only kid at school who didn’t look down on him for being poor. When Thad arrives, Kip can’t stop looking at his friend’s new beefy physique. But Kip can’t be into guys, that would ruin his hard-built social media brand, wouldn’t it?

Thad Rowland needs a break. After an academically stressful year at school, his father lines up a boring internship to fill his summer. His true passion is art, not accounting. When his best friend Kip invites him to apply at the resort he jumps at the chance to get away from it all and wear his lifeguard whistle again. But can he live in such close proximity to his celebrity-gorgeous best friend, and keep his true feelings to himself?

Far away from everything else, the hunky college guys are in an oasis of suntan lotion, their own private apartment, and an entire summer stretching before them. Will their new feelings tear them apart as well as ruin their careers and family ties? Or is the summer heat just the beginning of a scorching hot future?

Lifeguard Love is a short and hot standalone gay romance with explicit scenes and a guaranteed happily ever after!

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