Sunday, March 6, 2016

How we roll, and who wants to roll with me? Three ways.

News and stuff. I think I have the hang of this blogging thing again, but it is a fair amount of work and I could use a hand. I try to have two reviews a week in addition to the other posts. Anyone interested in reviewing here, please contact me at CryselleC AT gmail DOT com and we'll talk. I'm still small fry and don't get that many books offered, but let's see if we can change that. I buy most of what I review, but you'll get equal chancies to read the offered books.  I crosspost to Goodreads and Amazon, and you can too, just give the blog 24 hours lead time. Anyone who can discuss m/m romance and is willing to post at least twice a month, please read this and get in touch with me.

I also post the occasional guest review when a blog reader has a book that they feel really strongly about. Especially when they feel strongly and it's a genre I'm not good with. Eden Winters reviewed Strain by Amelia Gormley for me, and I'm glad she did, because it's a book I hesitated to read at first.

If you want a review, read here for what to do and read here for how I rate. I don't hand out a lot of 5s but I try to say something sensible. Self-pub welcome, but be sure you're playing on the same field with the m/m publishers. I've seen self-pub that makes Dreamspinner look like they're playing with crayons, and I've seen self-pub that looks like it was done with crayons. I will comment on which is which.  This end of the publishing world has evolved a lot in the last few years and my expectations are higher now.

The sidebar is cluttered with dead links. If the site on the other end of the link hasn't been updated recently, I'll be pruning. Just as soon as I remember how.  On the other hand, if you would like to be linked, and have fresh posts more or less regularly, let me know and I'll add you. Please add me back on yours. Cause we're all about the books here.

Thursdays I will post pictures that have a story to tell. If you have 100 to 1000 words to go with that picture, send it, I post it. Hundred word drabbles can be an art form.  You don't have to be a published author if you get inspired like that. I've had ficlets from folks who don't call themselves authors but still wanted to play, which made me happy. If you have a new book out and send me the cover and blurb and links, I'll put that up with the story. If you have a snippet of a published work that goes with the picture, that works too. There's some really good reading here (use the tag "free read" to find them) with some yummy eye candy. (Please not total sex, I don't want to put up the adult content splash screen again)

If you have a snippet  and have a pic that goes with it, send it all.   I just did one from Kayla Jameth and have another coming up. Heck, if you have a picture that tells a story, send it, I'll credit you.

There will be periodic blog tour posts, sometimes with giveaways, I don't plan on more than once a week.

And lastly, I used to do a Goodreads Giveaways post with all the GLBT books currently running, but Goodreads has changed their formatting and it's easier to find everything in one place. Those posts take a lot of time, but if the demand is there, I can do them again. Yes? No?

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