Thursday, February 11, 2016

Back with the Thursday inspiration!

Well, let's try this again: my spoons have been limited, and blogging is what disappears first when the energy goes. So... feeling better about life, blogging comes back.

I plan to go back to posting a prompt pic every Thursday. If you feel inspired to write a flash-fic (meaning 1000 words or less) I'll post it with your news and links, and if you have an excerpt from a published work in that length, I post those too. Bloggers love other people's content. :)

If you just like to admire and sigh, that's fine too.

Of the prompt ficlets folks have posted here, five (that I know of) have expanded into published stories. One's in a flash-fic anthology with Hugh Howey.  All of them have brought pleasure to the readers.

Check here to find the free reads or click tag "Free read" or "Thousand Word Thursday" for the older pictures. Any of them are fair game for fics or excerpts, and they're all worth looking at.

If you have a picture that tells a story, or begs for one, email me, I'll post it, within limits, no full frontal nudity please. That's for tumblr.  crysellec AT gmail DOT Com.

And the reviews will be back. Maybe slowly, but back.

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