Thursday, October 15, 2015

Thursday's picture is worth...

There's a story for what we have today, there must be. If you want to write a ficlet (1000 words or less), wonderful! Or if you have an excerpt from a book that goes with the pic, send that on too.  Or look and dream, also wonderful. Or drool, do it on your own keyboard. But enjoy.

The artist is George Quaintance. If you have words for his picture, check here.

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  1. «Slave Market» - this is one of the pictures painted by American artist George Quaintance. This oil painting «Slave Market» painted 55 years ago, in the early 50s. George Quaintance draw guys, handsome, muscular, he admired them, loved them. Many of his paintings are depicted naked guys, this could be cowboys with horses, cowboys are in the evening, in the morning or at night in the desert, and half a dozen of his paintings painted nude Roman soldiers, found in Roman baths, there is a picture, which shows two brawny slave, raising the stones («The Piramid Builders») - they are the builders of the pyramid, another one picture slaves fighting among themselves in front of the audience («Egyptian Wrestlers»). And this painting depicts a slave market, how it represented itself George Quaintance. White slaves are in the center of the picture composition, two of them already are, they are exhausted from thirst and the scorching sun, two more are close, one of the pair is - a fair-haired and with beautiful body of the athlete guy. Surrounded by slaves, which, apparently, can be bought, the Roman soldiers and the overseer with a whip in her hand. We had George Quaintance favorite sitters, from which he drew his pictures. Standing slave is one of them. We can see the same sitter for a picture, then a very famous bodybuilder, with the title of "Mr. America of 1947" Stive Reeves shown in the pictures «Sunlit Depths» and «Coral Reef» - in these pictures a couple of naked boys swimming underwater - both of these pictures is simply wonderful! Yes, an artist fascinated by the beauty of its heroes! It is easy to assume that the hero standing to face us, the painting "Slave Market" must be completely naked, and it was in those early days of the Roman wars, probably... And many other paintings Quaintance could also be completely nude frontal heroes, but at the time when these paintings were created in the United States was a strict ban on the images of naked men with visible genitals. In addition, the artist Quaintance was gay, like many of his sitters, some of them were his lovers. Quaintance talented artist in his youth was a dancer, performed a modern ballet in New York (this was in the 30s), he is very actively engaged in bodybuilding. All paintings Quaintance, in particular, and the "Slave Market" painted with love, with great skill. He managed to write only fifty paintings, but without exception these paintings celebrates the beauty of the male body, each of the pictures for a long time want to consider...


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