Thursday, December 18, 2014

I'm back! With reinforcements

Happy Holidays!  Sorry for the long silence: between getting knocked for a loop with strep and then inadvertently changing my password (how to feel stupid in one easy step) and not remembering it, and then you know stuff happens.... The turkey hangover took a while to dissipate.

Anyway, back to the goodies! Feliz has done a guest review for us, The Boyfriend Mandate by River Jaymes, posting on Saturday, and we'll have Ofelia Grand's From All of Us to All of You on Friday, and then back to our regularly scheduled reviews, except maybe more of them since I do have a backlog. [[blush]]. For those who missed us, sorry to keep you waiting.

This also played hell with our blogoversary posts, but we'll be doing that right after the holidays! I have guest posts from some old friends and some new ones, and we'll have goodies and celebrations and you're all invited and hey, bring a friend!

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