Sunday, October 12, 2014

Coming this week

Oh, we had a lovely week here at the blog! This was our first full week at the new URL, which is All previous links should continue to work, this is more a redirect than a transfer. Or so my techies tell me. Andy is my hero, because I could never have figured out the transfer on my own. I cry when reading things like svc.ww.oikjnmo. Put that where? Wahh!

I had some lovely reading this week. Cornelia Grey's The Circus of the Damned was steampunky/fantasy/magical/demony fun. I guess you'd call that genre-bending. Also, I finally got Keira Andrews' Amish gay romance, A Forbidden Rumspringa, up. I delayed to let Reading Reality post it first. I cross post there now and again, and this one was of interest to the readers there. 

Coming up, we have Seducing Jordan from Andrea Dalling, a new to me author, and a new one from Kate Pavelle: Broken Gait. This is a sequel to Wild Horses, which many of you have read and enjoyed. Of course we'll have Thursday's prompt pic, and if  *A*Certain*Author* ever gets her butt in gear, we'll have that prompt ficlet.

Who else wants to play? Any of the prompts are fair game.

Also, the four-year anniversary of when I decided to review systematically is coming up in a few short weeks. We ought to have a party! What kind of cool stuff should we have? Let's see if I can get some of our regulars to help me plan.  I can't exactly do cupcakes.... or can I? ;)

Keep reading!

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