Sunday, October 5, 2014

Coming this week

Well, last week was certainly interesting! We had the latest installment in the Delectable series from EM Lynley, Spaghetti Western, which was a great read, and Duende from E.E. Ottoman. Eden Winters came by to show us the 21st century version of opera singers, who all looked good enough to take home, so we could see where she got some of her inspiration for Sebastian in A Matter of When.

Coming up this week, we have reviews of Circus of the Damned from Cornelia Grey (more Farfarello!) and Keira Andrews’ A Forbidden Rumspringa. This last got caught in a scheduling warp—every now and then Marlene from Reading Reality gets to post one of my reviews before I do.

Of course there will be a Thursday picture prompt. Hot guys this time, I promise. Last week’s picture was hot cat shifters—someone ought to write them a little fic.

I am told by reliable sources that this is Queer Romance Month. I'm all for that: it's Queer Romance Life around here after all.

For various blog posts on all sorts of topics, check the Queer Romance Month site.

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