Monday, September 8, 2014

Coming this week

We had a great week last week! We reviewed Z Allora's With Wings and Parts 1 & 2 of Carolyne Chand's historical serial, The Knife of Narcissus. That made for an eclectic week, but launched me on a theme.

I sure didn't plan it, but I have another rock and roll mm book coming at you, this time Ingela Bohm's Just Playing. And because playing can be so many things, I also have an anthology of baseball stories, Playing Ball, with some familiar names: Shae Connor, Margaret Labbe, Kate McMurray, and Kerry Freeman.  And that's why I'm sending Mr. Tightypants out as the face of this post. We'll see what else I find for Thursday's picture worth a thousand words. ;)

And as an extra treat, we're getting a guest post from Z. Allora, who has some insights on the antics Dare and Angel got up to while they were in Bali. Fascinating! Plus an excerpt -- hot!

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