Sunday, September 28, 2014

Coming this week

It has been a problematic week here at the Bookshelf. My tech consultant has dissolved in tears after attempting to redirect the site to a custom domain, and the picture above is an amazingly accurate rendering of the reinforcements she called in. (Sorry, Andy. We owe you many, many gallons of good beer.)  Steve Wozniak advised us to never trust a computer we couldn't throw out a window, and the domain registrar should be very very glad their servers are far from my windows.

So,many things did not happen, although we did have a surprise scene from EM Lynley's Spaghetti Western, which is now at the top of my TBR list in a font size I can read. PDFs don't play nice on Kindle. That's coming up for the next week, along with a post and excerpt from Eden Winters' rock star/opera singer book, A Matter of When. Great read, 5 marbles! 

The review I expected to post on Keira Andrew's A Forbidden Rumspringa will be up next week, because I promised Marlene at Reading Reality the chance to post it first.

We'll also see Duende from E.E. Ottoman, and as ever, hot guys doing something that needs explaining. P.D. Singer has a ficlet about an earlier picture, so stick with us!

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