Sunday, August 3, 2014

Coming this week

Thanks for swinging by! This week we have something a little different coming up. Kate Pavelle will be hanging out for a bit, with some of her lovely work to share. Be sure to sign up once that rafflecopter widget goes live. In addition to her ebooks and a print copy of her latest, which I am currently reading, she's offering a paperback of Wild Horses, which is also in my TBR pile.  Join us for the Breakfall blog tour! Or else!
(Kate wouldn't really go Kai-ya! on you. But her pen is as mighty as her sword. Be here.)

Also this week, we have a review of Lou Harper's Dead Man and the Army of Frogs, a perfectly nommy prompt pic, and uh, there just might be a rant.

Last week, we had a review of Lloyd Meeker's excellent The Companion and Vanessa North's equally excellent if very different Double Up. I hit the jackpot for good stuff these last few weeks. And what's coming up is also great! Mmmm, bicyclists in spandex....

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