Sunday, July 27, 2014

Coming this week

Thanks for swinging by this week. We had reviews of Ged Ruggles' Pine Valley, a novel of humor and social commentary,  and Eden Winters' novelette length Highway Man. Twice as long as before, and seriously good. We also had a prompt pic of a Jason Stackhouse look-alike being disciplined by a puppy, so anyone who has a story to explain that, do pass it along. 100 to 1000 words please.

Coming, we have a novella length story from Vanessa North, called Double Up, and Lloyd Meeker's new novel, The Companion. I want to stroke that cover. We also have a prompt pic to make you ponder, and hopefully to inspire.

For those of you who are concerned that a couple of novels on the carousel are being overlooked, don't worry. Kate Pavelle will be along on a particular date for her blog tour, so I'll tell you about that book when she can join us. Lou Harper's latest Dead Man book will have buy links active soon, so I'll hit the "publish" button once I've edited them in. Great follow-up to the other two probably isn't much of a spoiler. ;)

Keep reading!

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