Saturday, June 7, 2014

Current Goodreads Giveaways

backstroke Cigars in the Parlor
Civil War era novel
mermen Caged
20627118 backroadtowonderland
10894894 looking after joey
20775899 Some of these books end very soon, so if you’re interested, click now.

The dark, unmarked cover contains the first three books in The Back Road to Wonderland series: Paradox, Seduction of a King and Madness of a Bleeding Heart.

To the authors who do giveaways: to maximize your chances of getting found, use lots and lots of tags. I found these using gay, gay romance, mm romance, mm, glbt, glbt romance, and I didn't find one book that had more than 2 of those tags. I'm betting I missed a couple goodies because I couldn't find them. Tags are my friends.

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