Sunday, May 11, 2014

Coming this week

Thanks for joining us here at the Bookshelf: this last week we had reviews on Poster Boy by Anne Tenino and a five marble review on Out of the Gate from EM Lynley. I've been checking and I don't hand out 5 marbles as often as I used to, possibly because my tastes have gotten pickier, but this book definitely deserved the rating. We also had our usual Thursday eye candy, so if someone gets inspired by this or one of the other pictures, do share it with us. The rant is a rant in progress, so we'll see.

Coming this week, we have reviews on A White Coat Is My Closet by Jake Wells, and Temper Sanguine from Lou Harper. Lou also found me a hunka hunka gorgeous vampire for Thursday's story prompt, and she promised a nice little flash fic to go with it.  Do join me for the fun!

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