Sunday, May 4, 2014

Coming this week

We had some fun this week, what with a guest post from reader Jean Nygard, who gave us a ficlet about lion shifters. Anyone who's inspired by any of my prompt fics, do let me know. I post inspiration every Thursday, and hey, if one of my Sunday readers inspires a story, go for it.  We also had two reviews, In His Sights from Rie Warren, and the Butt Ninjas From Hell anthology, with entertaining stories from eight wonderful authors including Eden Winters, Shae Connor, and TC Blue.

Coming up: reviews on Poster Boy from Anne Tenino and Out of The Gate by EM Lynley. My horse won at the Kentucky Derby (gloats!), so do I need a better reason to read a horse race story? Also watch for the Thursday prompt pic. And----I feel a rant coming on. I am a girl with opinions and right now I'm ready to pop.

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