Saturday, April 5, 2014

Stories from The Real Story Safe Sex Project from Zoe Lynne and RJ Seeley.

The Real Story Safe Sex Project, spearheaded by Brent Hartinger, is gathering up stories and blog posts promoting condom use. Many talented authors have contributed stories to this worthy project. We'll look at two stories a week until I have them all, but there may be new ones along any minute!

Every author has a different take on this message, and everyone has something valuable to add. Please read and forward the stories to anyone and everyone you know who needs to protect themselves, male and female alike. Thank you, authors, for making these stories free to all. Because that old ounce of prevention is really worth a pound of cure, or a ton of battle.

Our two highlighted stories for this week:

Evan is a good guy with high aspirations, a mother who loves him unconditionally and the hottest boyfriend ever. Evan also has a secret he has to come clean about before he goes all the way.

Evan has to tell Blake he has HIV.

Blake is a member of Overton High's elite drumline and loves life, but he still hides his sexuality from everyone outside of his and Evan's little bubble. He's ready to have sex but not ready to be out.


This author's tackled a side of HIV that we don't see much in mm romance: one young man's lived with HIV all his life. Being part of a couple is tough, and even more challenging with a chronic condition that neither of them can ever forget. Root for these guys!

Find it in epub, mobi, pdf, and lit here.


Kingsbury High School have been known for their unusual methods, so when Year Eleven teacher Mr. Elliot suggests a same-sex Sex Education class there's not a lot they can do but run the lesson.

Find it in PDF here.


Author RJ Seeley looks at safe sex from the perspective of responsible adults tackling the uncomfortable task of being the one to drive home the message. Thank goodness someone's stepping up to the pump with real answers.

Read for the message, it will make you smile and teach you something.


Find these and all the stories in the Safe Sex Project here. Enjoy, be happy, be safe.

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