Sunday, April 27, 2014

Coming up this week

Thanks  for hanging out here in the Bookshelf. This week we had some good stuff come by. I reviewed Relativistic Phenomena by Kate Pavelle, spotlighted Two Thousand Pounds per Square Inch from Brent Hartinger as part of the The Real Story Safe Sex Project, promoting safe and responsible sex by entertaining.

We also had an excerpt from Rie Warren's In His Sights, to go with our hot Thousand Word Thursday prompt pic. I had to run out and read that novella!

In fact, In His Sights is one of my reviews coming this week, as is the fabulous anthology Butt Ninjas From Hell, and if that title doesn't make you smile, check your pulse, cuz you're dead. The stories are unique, funny, and all over the map in theme, except a lot of them are LOL funny and as for those ninjas? You'll never hear them coming.

We'll also have another nommy prompt pic for Thousand Word Thursday, so inspiration may strike. Or drool may strike. Or both.

In a late breaking event, we'll also have a Thousand Word Thursday story from Jean Nygard, who got to pondering a pair of male lions I posted about a year ago. Look for big cats on Friday.

Keep reading!

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