Friday, April 25, 2014

A Thousand Word Thursday Excerpt from Rie Warren

An excerpt from In His Sights to go with Thursday's picture
For a moment while we held each other, muscles still straining, hands still wandering, it felt intimate. That scared me more than anything this man could do to me with a gun. My body didn’t seem to give a fuck though. I was aroused again, or still, desperate for more.
Pulling his head back, Mayce gave me an arrogant all-over look. “You’re a hot fucking piece of tail.”
He planted another wild wet kiss on my lips, twisting fingers into my dreadlocked hair, holding me by my scalp. My hands chased down his chest to the warm wet spot on his camos.
Surrounded by our scent it was hard to focus, but I squeezed his testicles none too gently and said, “You’ll do, for a soldier.”
His laugh was breathless. His hands trailed down my body one last time before he separated from me. The air felt cool on my chest. I wondered if this was when he would kill me, or if he’d take me in for questioning. I could probably make a run for it. I should’ve thought of that while he was all sweet and horny and fucking against me.
His eyes shaded when his Data-Pak went off with a blaring sound, announcing a transmission. Tugging the handheld CO-communications device from his pocket, he cocked a finger at me. “Stay.”
Just to make sure, he leaned over to grab his gun, keeping it casually in his hand.
“Commander Cannon,” he spoke into the D-P. “No, sir.” Squinting at me, Mayce thrust my shirt into my hands.
So I’m to be detained and killed at a later date.
He holstered his weapon, rearranging his pants. I smirked when he swiped at the wet spot on the crotch. Listening to the D-P, he answered in a crisp voice, “Yes, sir. ASAP, I got it.”
The D-P pocketed, Mayce kept his gaze on me as he dressed with concise motions. The alarming sounds of the Revolution outside were drawing closer. Shots sounded, not too far from our little hole in the wall.
Mayce pondered me as he scratched across the smooth sexy skull-cut. He found my gun, my ammo, my blades, handing them to me one by one.
Finally he exhaled. “You better stay alive, Nomad.”
I nearly dropped my gear. “What?”
“You heard me.” His back stiffened before he took up a casual at-ease stance. “This isn’t advisable in any way what-so-fucking-ever, but I want to see you again. Same time, two days from now, here. If not here—if the place has been overrun or locked down—I’ll . . .” He tapped his boot on the floor and frowned. “I’ll locate you.”
Hell no, it wasn’t advisable. It was goddamn foolhardy, and I’d be a straight-up idiot to even consider a second run-in with Mayce, my enemy, just because he granted me mercy, then made me come so frigging hard I almost passed out.
“Is this a stay of execution?”
“Actually it was my first try at seduction.” He shot me a lopsided smile. “How’d I do?”
Shit. I tried not to grin. “Maybe don’t a shove a gun in my face next time?”
I turned to leave—knowing turning my back on this soldier was an asinine move—and he clasped my wrist. His breath traced along my neck. “You’ll come then? Next time?”
This was stupid. A death sentence. I couldn’t stop myself from responding. “I came the first time, didn’t I?”
His low chuckle followed me into the night.
Can two enemies overcome the battles within and the war without to find love? Or will the Revolution destroy their chance at happiness?

At the outset of the revolution against the oppressive Company regime, Hawke is a freedom fighter on a mission. Infiltrate Alpha Territory, kick some Corps ass, and stay alive. His plans unravel when he’s captured by the enemy on his first sortie. Prepared for death by the soldier sworn to kill him, all his training couldn’t have prepared him for what happens next.

A corporal in the Company’s military branch, Mayce is a hard-liner intent on ridding his city of the insurgent threat. Yet one look at the gorgeous Freelander named Hawke and years of yearning and unrealized desires change his course permanently. If discovered, he’ll be branded a traitor and a homosexual—and sentenced to death.

Mayce and Hawke act on their intense and immediate attraction. But amid the escalating revolution their dangerous trysts come at the risk of their own lives, as Hawke soon finds out.


Rie Warren
Erotic Romance…Heat, heart, and a hint of the dark
Author of Sugar Daddy, the Don’t Tell series, and Carolina Bad Boys

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