Saturday, March 29, 2014

Stories from The Real Story Safe Sex Project from Ty Nolan and Eden Winters

The Real Story Safe Sex Project, spearheaded by Brent Hartinger, is gathering up stories and blog posts promoting condom use. Many talented authors have contributed stories to this worthy project. If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, said Oscar Wilde, and Brent also knows that if you want to reach and teach, it helps a lot to entertain.

To do my small part in boosting the signal, I’m going to spotlight these stories rather than review them. Every author has a different take on this message, and everyone has something valuable to add. Please read and forward the stories, which are free, and thank you, authors, to anyone and everyone you know who needs to protect themselves, male and female alike. Because that old ounce of prevention is really worth a pound of cure, or a ton of battle.

Our two highlighted stories for this week:

From the 2014 BP Readers Choice Award Winning Author--
The uniquely sexy Native American Two-Spirit hero from Memoir of a Reluctant Shaman is back in a standalone tale. He's in the Big City to visit his old friend Otter as they continue to explore sexuality. Otter has discovered attending a monthly safe-sex workshop is the best place to find a date who is already interested in "love with a glove."

They'll have a chance to hear new legends—like the Dancing Deer Woman and more about Coyote than our Reluctant Shaman would ever want to know—from the workshop leader, Professor Comesflying. He's enjoying the experience—until Coyote himself walks into the workshop.

Warning: this story uses explicit language and is sexually graphic. But it also might tell you a few things you didn't know.


Thank you to Ty Nolan for reminding us that the delivery has to be in terms the audience can hear. Coyote is just the one to whisper, “Just this once it won’t matter.” We can all benefit from knowing how to ignore that seductive voice.

Find it at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo.


Two teenaged boys, an unlimited supply of condoms, and too much time on their hands. What could possibly go wrong?


Eden Winters found a way to leave us rolling in the aisles while imparting an ultimately serious message. A lot of folks crab about two young guys who have no history with anyone else don’t really need condoms, but good habits have to start somewhere. Here’s a great place.

Find it at Amazon and  All Romance eBooks.


Find these and all the stories in the Safe Sex Project here. Enjoy, be happy, be safe.

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