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Mail Order Cowboy by Lor Rose

Title: Main Order Cowboy
Author: Lor Rose

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Cover Artist: Lex Valentine
Genre: Cowboy, ménage m/m/m
Length: 4900 words
Formats: epub, mobi, pdf,


The heart wants what it wants.

Austin and Loren have been together for sixteen years and own a small cattle ranch but something was missing. Their love was playful, youthful, and fun, but they knew there was more for them. What that more was, they didn't know. Talk of adding someone else interested the couple but no one had the spark they craved.

Hugh was a friend of Austin’s son and needed a place to go and a job. His own parents disowned him. He needed a place to stay and a job. Calling his friend’s dad was a last resort but what other choice did he have?

What Hugh found he didn't expect but maybe, just maybe, he was worth something after all.


If you’re expecting the entire story as promised by the blurb, the words in the file will feel inadequate. It’s all in there, in a line here, a line there, but not how it played out. Then back to the smexing.

Because if you’re trying to add someone to a relationship rather than enjoying an afternoon’s romp, isn’t a little more conversation than “Are you a virgin?” in order? Austin and Loren are basing everything on some eavesdropping that could be eliciting some very complicated emotions rather than straight out desire to join in. Overhearing someone getting called a man-whore isn’t the same as being happy to be on the receiving end. I turned my romance brain off and my porn brain on, and the problem disappeared.

The sex is hot, and heavy on talking dirty. Austin and Loren are goofy together, like big kids, which is cute, and Hugh has the best sense of any of them. He’s clearly done the most thinking about the dynamics of this: the older men are thinking more with their little heads. I wish them well, and they’ll do better now that they have some brains to run the outfit.

Once I reorganized my expectations, it was fun, but still contained weirdness like a few paragraphs of future setting with an outer space explanation that seemed completely irrelevant and a bit bizarre. Nothing else indicated this was anything other than a cowboy story.

Proofreading was sufficiently poor to become a hindrance to the reading experience, which provided a new experience for me as a reviewer. Enough errors to bounce me out of the story is normally a half marble deduct. The author/publisher was so willing to correct errors and is in the process of doing so, that I am revising it to -0.25 marbles because it was out there, but probably won’t stay out there.

The piece is trying to be a lot of things all at once, with just enough detailed storytelling to disrupt the erotica, but not enough to flesh out the story, and a few too many bounces out of the story. Personal communication with the author explained why this was so, but still, it’s being offered for sale. The primary relationship, the sex, and the playfulness between the men are good reading.  3 marbles

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