Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Help for one of our own

You know Patricia Nelson, even if you don't know Patricia Nelson. She's the reviewer who recommended books with her whole heart as Pattycake, Patty, or Trish. She's the Facebooker who's offered a kind word to the sad or laughed with the happy. And she's the fellow m/m reader who lost her husband just before the holidays.

Becky Condit not only has summed up the situation but done something about it. Here's how she explains:

Pat read and reviewed over 600 books, primarily in the m/m romance genre in 2013. She is a strong supporter of gay rights and a respected member of the review and publishing community. Her husband had several episodes of chronic breathing problems during the fall and in December he succumbed to the disease. Pat now lives alone in a small town in Arkansas. She faced the holidays bravely but very much alone. Her only car is giving her trouble and she has the final expenses of her husband's illness and death to pay. The m/m romance community is a tight knit group and we take care of our own. Let's help Patricia get past this point in her life and move forward knowing her friends are at her side.

Pat has been a fan, friend, and confidant to many. She's made us smile with her emoticons and stickers, and brought smiles when we felt down. She has promoted the sales of hundreds of books. And she is a truly lovely person.Please give what you can. Every dollar will help.
I can't say it better than that. Please reach out as you can. Let's keep Patricia warm and fed. She's one of us. She could be us. The Patricia Nelson Support Fund is here.

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