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A Thousand Word Story from Eden Winters

 Cowboy by Eden Winters

One by one the midway lights dimmed, signaling the late summer crowd to amble through the gates marked, "Greenway County Fair." Young, old, short, and tall shuffled away in groups or singly toward the parking lot.

Shane shut down the Ferris wheel, making a quick round with a flashlight to ensure no distracted couple lay in the shadows between the control box and concession stand. He'd caught them there before, pretending not so notice a flash of panties or hands down each other's pants as he intoned, by rote, the carnival rules, such as they were. What did he care if some young woman showed her gratitude for the stuffed bear her date won, or if a couple of local guys found the shadows too tempting and decided to test the boundaries of their friendship. Didn't matter to Shane none—Lord knew he'd picked up plenty of short-term amusements on the job.

All clear. He tuned out the cheesy carnival music blaring from overhead speakers, sighing deeply and wishing the night might have turned out differently. He'd had his eyes on a cowboy, spotted the man every now and then, Stetson pulled down low over his forehead, jeans tight across firm thighs and muscular haunch.

They'd made eye contact a time or two, Shane casually mentioning what time he'd get off. Cowboy smiled, nodded, and walked away. For good, apparently.

Shane sighed again, resigned to spending the night once more with a cold beer and a hot right hand. He entered the fun house, checking for stragglers as he always did. A distorted image appeared of himself with a huge body and tiny head; the next mirror showed him ten feet tall and spaghetti stringy. Clearing the first room, he approached the door to the second, stopping in his tracks. There stood the cowboy, framed by two mirrors.

"Wha--?" Shane started to ask.

Cowboy grinned, pressing a fingertip to his lips.

Shane stepped closer, Cowboy stepped back, waving an admonishing finger.

Shane huffed out a breath. Cowboy huffed too.

Bending slightly to place the flashlight on the floor, Shane rolled his eyes upward to watch Cowboy mirror the gesture.

A slow smile spread across both his and the cowboy’s faces. That was to be the way of it, then? Determined to see how far the game would go, Shane slowly unbuttoned the top button of his shirt, watching Cowboy copy his every move. He slipped a hand inside the fabric, sliding his fingers across his chest, watching, spellbound, as a callused hand did the same to muscular pecs four feet away.

He pinched his nipple, imaging the cowboy's work-hardened digits, and moaned. One beat behind him, the pretend mirror image followed suit. Shane grew bold, snaking a hand down to heft the prominence in his jeans.

Faded denim bulged, the stranger obviously turned on. Slowly, slowly, Shane lowered his zipper, peeling his jeans and boxers down his hips to hang on his thighs. He held his breath, worried he might go too far. Cowboy thumbed open a button, the zzzzzzzzzzziippp of tiny metal teeth voicing willingness to up the ante. Shane gave his aching cock a few languid strokes, biting down on his lips to stifle groans as the cowboy did the same. An impressively hard cock came into view, ropey veins standing out in stark relief. A wide crown peeked out from a meaty fist, a pearly drop of fluid gathering at the cowboy's slit that Shane wanted to lick off. But when he stepped forward, his quarry once again backed away. Oh, hell, if this was all he was gonna get, he'd make the most of it.

He reached one hand under his balls, pressing his fingers beneath his sack, picking up the pace on his shaft with his other hand.

When he sped up, so did the cowboy; when he slowed down, the hardened hands stroking in tandem with him did too. Escalating the challenge, he teased, licking his palm to run over the head, pleasuring his audience by pleasuring himself. Outside a whistle blew, warning of a power shutdown in five minutes. His hand flew faster on his flesh, his balls drawing up, groin tingling.

Cowboy's nostrils flared wide, his eyes slightly unfocused. Shane wanted to reach out and touch so badly.

Their grunts and groans echoed throughout the fun house. All around, in every mirror, hands stroked cocks, faster and faster. Shane's hips bucked of their own accord, the Cowboy's faltering rhythm keeping sporadic time.

Deep inside the tension grew. Compressing beneath his balls with one hand, other hand steady pumping up and down, Shane threw back his head, eyes closed. He cried out, the answering cry sounding a few feet away more than merely an echo.

Pulse after pulse erupted from his flesh. As the last contraction gushed come from his body, a loud thwap sounded outside. The lights went off.

Shane fumbled for the flashlight, but when he hit the button and illuminated the surroundings, all he saw was dozens of Shanes with pants around their thighs and slowly wilting cocks.

Talk about the one that got away.

Now THIS is how a Thousand Word Thursday picture gets captioned! And Eden says there's more of this story.  ***tonguehangsout***  

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  1. Great story... and in need of another 45,000 words (just saying). I LOVE the Diversion series... Lucky completely rocks!!!!!!!! Bo's not bad either! But Lucky awwwww Lucky... Hugs, Z.

    1. Nummy naughty sex! And there's more, but I think you have to make sad puppy eyes at Eden to get it.

      And yeah, Lucky. Bo's got a lot of patience.

  2. *Channels Oliver Twist* Please, ma'am, I want some more?


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