Sunday, February 3, 2013

Football and 1000 words

This is the first time I've ever chosen my Superbowl team based on human rights, but Brendon Ayanbadejo is my favorite football player ever now (sorry, John Elway, but not very, even you haven't done anything quite this awesome). The 49ers' recent hoof in mouth incidents would make me root for anyone else playing against them, but I will yell extra hard for the Ravens.

Go Ravens! Go Ravens! Go Ravens!


  1. Brendon Ayanbadejo and Vikings' kicker Chris Kluwe, for this:

  2. Oh yeah, Chris Kluwe is my second favorite football player for this, but his team wasn't playing, sooo... OMG that would have been a problem, if they'd ended up facing off. Not even sure that could happen...

    But these guys are made of awesome human beingness and I am so glad the Ravens won!!!!


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