Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Resolutions, right.

Oh to have Calvin's self-absorbed certainty in perfection. I need to lose that 15 pounds, vacuum  under the couch more often, and eat more spinach and less chocolate, preferably while exercising, but since I've promised myself stuff like that every year for **cough**quite a while now**cough** and  my fat jeans have gotten fatter and under the couch has swallowed more popcorn, let's be real. I think I ought to make some resolutions I have some hope of keeping.

I should:

Read more books.  M/M books, non-fiction books, fantasy, science fiction, some genre that I haven't read in a while. Let's call it one extra book a week. I can do this in the time I'm not wasting on telling myself to go to the gym.

Review more books. This could be good or bad, depending on how accurate you think my opinions are, but they're my opinions, and if all else fails, we can fertilize the plants with them.

Stop reading books I don't like. DNF is a valid opinion. If I've promised to review, I have to keep going, but life is short and hectic, and I don't really have to finish something I hate more than kale, do I?  No. I have officially given myself permission to stop in the middle. Now I can get rid of a whole shelf of books I (used to) feel guilty about. I don't care if it did win a Pulitzer, if it hasn't made me want to finish reading in 5 years, out it goes.

Buy more books. I have a Kindle now, so new purchases won't need to be dusted, even if there's room on the I used to feel guilty shelf. It doesn't matter now if it's a book I'd blush to have a new boyfriend see, it's tucked inside a handy device with a lock code. Nobody gets to give me shit about reading dragons and elves.

Get a new boyfriend who's cool with M/M books. If I put my small but treasured collection of m/m paper books on the newly cleared I used to feel guilty shelf, I now have an early asshole detection system! Chasing any detected assholes out the door qualifies as exercise, so that covers the resolution I'm supposed to make.  Also he has to be cool with dragons and elves.

Anybody have a book-related resolution?

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