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A Thousand Word Thursday Giggle from Tam Ames

The Trouble with Tommy
“Tom! Tommy! Where the hell are you?” Danny’s voice hissed out the words, trying to be quiet, even though he knew there were no humans in the house at the moment.

“In the bathroom.” Tom’s voice seemed to boom down the empty hallway. 

Danny whizzed down the hall and turned the corner into the bathroom where he skidded to a halt, his wings leaving him hovering in the air, his mouth open, eyes blinking.

“Hey, big boy.” Tom waggled his eyebrows. 

Danny’s mouth snapped shut, and he glanced around quickly. “What the fuck are you doing?”


“Relaxing? Are you freaking nuts? Oh my god! You’re naked!” His mouth was hanging open again.

“How else would I relax on the sea?” 

“You’re not on the fucking sea, it’s a sink, in a human bathroom. You’re not even supposed to be in here.” 

“Why not? No one’s here.”

“That’s not the point. You know the rules.”

Tom waved his hand dismissively in the air and flicked his pony tail. “Rules, schmules. This is more fun.” 

Danny gritted his teeth. “You’re not supposed to be having fun, you’re supposed to be looking for shineys. For Ezekiel.” 

“Ezie can find his own shineys.” He licked his lips and ran his gaze over Danny. “Sure you don’t want to join me?” He reached down and stroked his erect cock.

Danny couldn’t seem to take his eyes off that luscious treat, which he’s tasted more than once. He shook his head, but not in the bathroom of a human house, which was off limits. He was pretty sure it was off limits. “No, no way, not here.” 

“Aw, come on Danny-boy. The water is fine.” 

Danny scowled and finally pulled his gaze away from Tom’s crotch. “That’s the point. That freaky little boat – Where the hell did you get that? – couldn’t hold the two of us and I’ve no intention of drowning in a human sink.”

“I made it.” 

Danny blinked. “What?” 

“I made it. My boat.” 

“Get out. How did you know how to make that?” 

“I’m a man of many talents, Danny.” He waggled his eyebrows theatrically and Danny blushed. He knew exactly what talents Tommy was referring to. “Come on, live a little.”

“That’s the point. I want to live. Beyond today. If I don’t drown, then Ezekiel will kill me when he finds out I was in a human house pissing around and not looking for shineys.”

“No pissing around, Danny. Watersports aren’t my thing.” 

Danny could see Tommy was trying not to laugh. He snarled at the Sprite. “Don’t be disgusting.” 

Tommy pouted and batted his eye-lashes at him, continuing to stroke his hard-on. “Come on Danny. Just a little fun. We can look for shineys after. No one will know.” 

Danny licked his lips and swallowed. “I’ll know.” 

“Mmm. And it will be out little secret.” He blew Danny a kiss. “Get out of those clothes, fold up your wings and get over here.” The look he aimed at Danny’s groin promised great things. 

“This is stupid. You know we’re going to get in trouble.” He had started to move closer almost against his will. 

“No we won’t. And if we do, my dad will take care of it.” 

“Your dad!” Danny’s voice was strangled. Tommy’s dad was Ezekiel’s boss. He really didn’t need to piss off the man who controlled his life, well, most of it. It seemed Tommy controlled the part of his life that involved his dick.”

Danny was hovering over the boat now. Tommy reached up and ran his hand down Danny’s calf. “Come on. I’ll definitely make it worth your while.” He licked his lips in a totally rude manner. 

“I hate you.” Danny hissed out, even has he unbuckled his belt. 

“Sure you do, honey.” He was trying to hide a smile. 


“Oh, I have a dick but it’s not on my head.” 

Danny groaned as he shed his shirt and made sure it wasn’t near the water. Explaining why his clothes wet when he got back would take some fancy stretching of the truth. He gently lowered himself into the boat. “If you tip this thing and I fall in, I’ll kill you.” 

“Trust me, sweetheart.” Danny reached forward and carefully pulled Danny forward until he was half lying on top of Tommy and gave him a kiss, the naughty Sprite’s arms around his back. “I’ll make sure it’s good for you.” 

“You’re an ass.”

“Mmm.” Tommy’s hand drifted down to grip Danny’s ass and give it a squeeze. “Speaking of asses, yours is rather delightful.” 

That may have been the wrong thing to do. Tommy had hit Danny’s tickle spot. Danny jumped and squirmed, Tommy tried to balance the boat, but to no avail. Tommy’s eyes were wide and as they went over the side, Danny’s voice rang out in the bathroom. “I’m going to kill you, you little bastard.” 

Tommy’s laughter turned into splutters as his head went under. When they surfaced Tommy was still laughing. He pulled the plug in the sink and the water started to drain until they could stand on the bottom. “Damn, that was fun.” 

“Fun! Are you freaking nuts? That was not fun.” 

Tommy pulled the prickly Sprite into his arms and silenced him with a kiss. When he pulled back he looked into Danny’s eyes. “You need some more excitement in your life, Danny-boy. I think I succeeded.” 

Danny pouted. “I hate you. Still.” 

“Love you too. Let’s get out of here and I’ll show you just how much.”

For a second Danny thought about it, but what the hell, they’d already gone this far. In for a penny, in for a pound, as his grandfather used to say. “Fine. But I’m on top.” 

Tommy laughed. “Whatever you want, sweetheart, whatever you want.”
I have been informed in very firm tones that my pictures are bad for Tam's productivity, but I beg to differ: she created this story for us, didn't she?

Tam's been writing other things too: I have her Summer School in my TBR pile, and  she's got a wicked little short coming soon from Torquere, links to be added when it's available.

 Earth Boys are Easy

Aran loves Halloween. It’s the one time of year when he gets to reveal his true form without fear of the mythical government agents coming after him. When he meets shy sexy Booker at a Halloween party, he breaks his rule of never taking someone home when he’s in his alien form. Now he’ll find out if having an alien lover is something Booker can handle, or if Area 51 will become Aran’s new address.

Jeremy Decker is preparing for the worst summer of his life, teaching summer school and healing from his recent breakup. But maybe his sexy young teaching assistant will be able to put an end to Jeremy's summer doldrums.

English teacher Jeremy Decker's split with his boyfriend has left him with no plans for the summer and credit card debt. One solution is to teach summer history classes. College history major Lucas Van Sloan is brought in to assist Jeremy, and is thrilled to have a summer job that doesn't include supervising kids at the hometown swimming pool.

A summer heat wave has Jeremy snarlier than even upbeat Lucas can handle. Lucas drags the teacher back to his place and out of the heat, determined to pull Jeremy into his bed while he has him there. However, Jeremy's ex isn't quite ready to let go, and a college student may be no competition for a high-powered attorney.

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