Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Blog Hop winner! And everyone else can win too!

Thanks to everyone for stopping by!

Gigi was my lucky winner--check your email so I can pay up!

Also, I am a doink and forgot to post an added goody for everyone: those who signed up to follow the blog here, or for that matter, to follow me on Twitter (I'm @CryselleBook) can have a copy of Carole Cummings and PD Singer's fun short, Crepuscule Monstrum. Also if you follow either of them on their blogs or on Twitter, although you'll have to leave an email addy somewhere so we can send it.

PD Singer is at http://pdsinger.com and goes by @PD_Singer, and Carole is at  http://www.carolecummings.com/ and @cummingscarole.

The whole adventure started when I posted a prompt pic here, and Carole wrote a ficlet for it, except she got to right around 1000 words and left it on a cliffie. She had no idea Pam was gonna come along and finish it, or how. So when they made this pretty ebook, they let me in on  the deal for being an instigator. But you can have a copy, and get news from two great writers and one opinionated blogger. Follow any one of us on your choice of media for the story, or all three if you like.

The nightmare from an old painting, Crepuscule Monstrum, requires sacrifice. Merrick has been chosen. For what, he knows not, but he's terrified until the monster--laughs.

Is he Merrick or Michael? Is Jake really Jake, or is he Crepuscule Monstrum? And is it really so awful to touch this "horrible creature"?

Contains Crepuscule Monstrum Part 1 and Crepuscule Monstrum Part 2.


  1. Oh, I loved that story! So much fun!

    1. I am just amazed at what authors do with the pics! Maybe one day we'll have to do an anthology of the TWT stories.


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