Friday, April 6, 2012

A Thousand Word Thursday Story from Tam Ames

Promotion Possibilities

“Really, Kyle, if you want to make Vice-President, I think you know what you have to do.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about, Mr. Leslie.”

“Come now, Kyle. I think you know very well. We talked about his just last week. At the staff party.”

“But, but, that was, it was… It was just a joke.”

“Mmm. A joke. You believe I thought you were joking? When you said you’d give your left nut for a promotion?”

“Well, yeah, of course.” Kyle swallowed hard and tipped his head down avoiding Mr. Leslie’s eyes.

“You should know better by now, Kyle. I don’t joke.” When Kyle peeked up he would have sworn he saw a glimmer of humor in the man’s eyes, but he said he didn’t joke.

“You should know, that as boss, I play things straight.”

Kyle’s lips twitched, but he cleared his throat. “Um, well, what exactly do you expect?”

“Oh, um,” Mr. Leslie paused and Kyle frowned slightly and tipped his head. Mr. Leslie stood up from where he had been leaning over Kyle in the leather office chair. “I want you to, um, well…”

Mr. Leslie stood humming and hawing and Kyle rolled his eyes. “Do you expect me to service you sexually?” His voice held a slight air of exasperation.

“Yes! Yes, that’s it.” Mr. Leslie’s eyes brightened. “I think you should get on your knees and service me.”

Kyle sighed and shook his head slightly. “And what will you do if I don’t.”
“Well, I’ll, I’ll fire you. Yeah. That.”

Another eye roll and a sigh slipped out of Kyle. “Fine. I need my job; I have a family to feed.”

“Yeah, that’s the spirit, Kyle, way to take one for the team.”

“Oh my God.” Kyle groaned. “Okay, you have to uh, move back.”

Mr. Leslie took a step back and there was a sudden hiss and a screech. “Jesus Christ, Tippy, move the fuck out of the way if you don’t want me to step on you.” The cat streaked from the room.

Kyle covered his face with his hands, his shoulders shaking. Finally he looked up with a grin. “You totally suck at this, you know.”

The man’s shoulder sagged. “I told you it was stupid. I feel like a dork, and this tie is gross.” He pulled irritably at the unfamiliar fabric around his neck.

Kyle chuckled, and reached out and hooked his fingers in the belt loops on Simon’s pants, well, Kyle’s pants. Simon would rather spend his money on his bike than on a suit. Kyle tugged him closer. “Come here, baby.” He wrapped his arms around Simon’s hips and nuzzled his face into his stomach. Simon loosely wrapped his arms around his shoulders.

“You tried. I appreciate it.”

He looked up to see Simon’s bottom lip sticking out. “Next time let me be the naughty bike messenger, and you can be the customer with no way to pay for the delivery.” Simon reached up and tugged at the tie again. “At least I don’t have to wear this damn thing.”

“You look hot. But fine, next time you can wear the bike shorts.” That wasn’t such a bad concept. Those shorts looked awesome on Simon.

Tippy was back, rubbing up against Simon’s leg. Oh how quickly they forget. Simon gave the cat a gentle nudge with his foot. “And he’s getting locked in the bathroom. What a buzzkill.”

Kyle looked up and Simon and winked. “Well, I still need my job, Mr. Leslie.” He batted his eyelashes like a teenage girl.

“Well, I still need a blow job, so I think we’re even. Hop to it, Mr. Future-Vice-Present.”

“Yes, boss.” Kyle grabbed the zipper pull with his teeth and heard Simon groan. Three years and they were still having fun. Breaking in the new desk chair was great. Kyle thought they just might need a new kitchen table soon. That had definite possibilities.

Oh, jeez, Tam's done it again! For more of her humor, find the freebies at her blog
and a couple of shorts at Torquere. She's usually reading something m/m good and talking about it at Brief Encounters.


  1. Awesome, Tam! Loved it. I've heard some horror stories about couples' misadventures while role-playing, but the cat interrupting? Priceless!

  2. Thanks Eden. Cats are an adventure.

  3. The poor cat! LOL. I can hear the screech now. Nicely done, Tam.


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