Friday, March 16, 2012

A Thousand Word Thursday Story from JL Merrow

This is a short epilogue to my story Angel, available from Dreamspinner Press here:  All you need to know from that story is that Michael is a demon, and Don his human lover.


Don raised an eyebrow at the package his lover held out to him. It was wrapped in thick brown paper, tied with twine. “Did I forget an anniversary, or something?”

Michael shook his head, a familiar half-smile playing on his lips. “I just saw it in a shop window on my way home from work, and I knew I had to get it for you.”

Smiling, Don took the present and unwrapped it carefully. It was a framed picture of two men. Or rather, one man and an angel, whose soft white wings unfurled behind him as he held the collapsing body of the other. The angel's eyes were turned heavenward, as if seeking guidance from God. He seemed awestruck by his human burden, but his arms were strong and firm around the fainting man’s torso. Don took a deep breath, and swallowed to dispel the lump in his throat. “It’s beautiful,” he said truthfully.

“It’s how I see you. Us.”

“Yes.” Don hadn’t needed prompting to see that. He could feel himself as the man in the picture, supported by his otherworldly lover. “The only difference is, his wings are white, where yours are black.”

Michael laughed then, a soft sound, without bitterness. “Ah, Donnie.” He shook his head slowly, still laughing.

Don laughed too. “What? What am I missing?”

Gently, Michael took the picture from his hands and laid it on the table. Then he slid his arms around Don’s waist. Pulling him close, Michael brushed a kiss upon Don’s forehead. “Don’t you know, you’ve always been my angel?”



Having abandoned his childhood dream of becoming a priest, Don now tries to help people through his work as a parole officer. His latest assignment turns out to be Michael, a young man Don hasn’t seen since he took Michael to church as a child—and saw his parish priest cast Michael out of the church as a demon. Meeting Michael as an adult re-ignites the obsession Don had with the boy he couldn’t save—but can Michael be saved at all? Or is the demon with the compelling face as damned as he believes himself to be?

Angel is available from Dreamspinner Press here. 

And don’t forget to check out my latest paranormal release, Midnight in Berlin.

The hookup from hell…or the ride of his life?

Leon’s drifter lifestyle gives him the freedom to attend as many music festivals as his heart desires. Even the ones that leave him covered in feathers. Wet feathers, thanks to the rain as he hitchhikes back to his hostel. When he’s offered a ride by a good-looking man in a Porsche, Leon thinks it’s his lucky night. Until he discovers his savior from the storm hides a dark secret: he’s a werewolf.

At first glance, Christoph thinks the shaggy stranger walking Berlin’s streets is a rogue werewolf. By the time he realizes his mistake, it’s too late for both of them. Forced to turn Leon into a monster to save his life, Christoph still has to suffer his pack leader's brutal punishment for endangering them all.

Leon awakens, horrified by what he’s become—but it’s his lover’s fate that spurs him to action. Freeing Christoph is easy, but the aftermath complicates everything as they go on the run, desperate to uncover the secrets their pack leader is hiding. Secrets the pack will kill to protect…
Product Warnings
Take a trip to Europe. Soak up the local culture, meet a creature from your worst nightmares. Contains werewolves behaving badly, clothed and unclothed. Author is not responsible for unexpected, uncontrollable urges to consume massive amounts of, um, bacon.

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