Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Snow Day is out!

I posted this horrible stormy picture a few months back, and author Juniper Gray saw all sorts of possibilities in it! She sent us a little taste for Thousand Word Thursday,  but Jim and Johnny got a much larger story from that blizzardy walk home. Torquere Press just released it, it's called Snow Day.

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Snow Day from Juniper Gray

Jim and Johnny have been best friends and neighbors for two years, and although neither knows that the other is gay, they secretly yearn for their relationship to be more than it is. Jim has had a difficult year, and Johnny doesn't want to add to his worries and possibly alienate him by confessing. Jim would like nothing more than to take Johnny in his arms, but is afraid Johnny won't feel the same.

A bitter snow storm helps them both to realize that life is all about taking chances.

Find it here!

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