Monday, March 5, 2012

No Pirates

I'm getting a lot of hits again from people who are clearly looking for a free download of various books. That's not what we're all about here: this is a review site, not a pirate site. Don't knock on my door hoping I will help you steal, because I won't. The authors put their hearts and souls into their stories, and the social contract is, you wanna read, you pay the fee. It's damned little for what these folks go through to bring you a worthwhile book.

Do I get free files? Not exactly. I don't pay money, I pay in words, in reviews. That's a social contract too and believe me, I could earn the money to buy the book in the same time as it takes me to write a review, and probably with less effort.And there's days when that seems like a better idea than reviewing. I buy a lot of books too.

Yeah, I've heard all the arguments for why stealing is okay. They're bullshit. It's not okay and it never will be okay. Maybe I can't stop the pirates but I sure won't help them.

I have way too much respect for the authors to steal their work. And I want all my visitors here to feel the same.

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