Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Thousand Word Thursday Story from Juniper Gray

Snow Day

Johnny's back arched as Jim's hands slid underneath him. The caress of those fingertips, firm over his hot, naked skin, left him breathless. Jim was above him, heavy weight between Johnny's thighs, hips rising and falling in a gentle, tender rhythm. Johnny pulled the covers tight around Jim's shoulders to shield him from the cold, and Jim smiled against his lips.

Little more than an hour ago, they had been just friends. Best friends, and neighbours for two years. They'd taken a long, cold walk through the snow that had made Jim more miserable even than he was usually, which Johnny hadn't thought possible. The past six months had left a mark of creeping sadness on Jim's soul, and Johnny had seen it, done his best to comfort Jim and get him through it, though almost everything he'd tried had been ineffectual.

He'd loved Jim for a long time. He wasn't one for trite hyperbole, but Jim had stirred something in him the first moment they first met. It had been a summer evening, and the air had been thick with the rich scent of honeysuckle. Jim had strolled up his drive with a couple of beers and a sincere smile. They'd talked for hours. Gotten close. Johnny had always silently wished there could be more, but he'd kept it to himself.

Little more than an hour ago, they'd come in from the cold together, damp in some places and sodden in others, desperate to get warm. He'd made them both coffee. Jim had kissed him, up against the counter. Took him by surprise. Breached the thick veneer of friendship between them when Johnny hadn't known it could ever be broken. They'd looked at each other for a long moment afterwards. Jim had smiled, and suddenly Johnny couldn't feel the cold any more.

Jim's fingers slid between his, clasping them against the pillow. Perhaps Jim merely needed someone to comfort him, but for now Jim's touch and kiss and movement were enough to convince Johnny it was more than just that.

He thought about the walk back uphill through the snowfall, both of them laden with groceries, and smiled. He had the bitter cold and the deep snow to thank for the thaw in Jim's heart.
Thank you Juniper! Those boys sure did need to get warm!  And a little bird told me (looking at that pic, it could have been a snowy owl or maybe a penguin) that Juniper has some more thoughts about snow, love, and a couple of guys, so we'll keep our eyes out for that.

Juniper has a new short out! 

Come and Play:Video Games

Matt Harding is a university student with an open love of video games and a secret curiosity for cock. Things get complicated after he explores this curiosity with his housemate, Rafe, one evening when they’re home alone. Matt must decide whether to fight the attraction he feels for Rafe, or embrace it and find out just where it all might lead.

Find it at Torquere Press.

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