Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Thousand Word Thursday Story from Tam Ames

Meat Slut

“Let go, Joseph.” I shook my leg and his hold tightened. “Joey, I said let go of me right now!” Pulling on my leg seemed to have no effect. “Joseph if you scratch me with those claws I swear to God ...” 

::You’ll do what?::

“I’ll ... I’ll ... make sure we eat nothing but lentils for dinner for the next two weeks.” 

::You wouldn’t!::

“I would, if you don’t get the fuck off my leg.” 

::But I don’t want you to go, Freddie.::

Honest to God, he whined. Who thought tigers could whine like that? “I’m only going to be gone over night.”

::That’s one night too many.:: Okay, they could also pout. 

“Well, then, get your ass off the ground, and come with me. You were invited.”

He made an odd little sound I took to be the equivalent of a tiger gasp. ::I’m not going there with you. He will be there.::

“Joey, sweetheart, you know that’s ancient history. It was over before I even met you.” 

::I don’t care. I’m not going to be in the same room as that ... that ... lion!:: 

Apparently tigers can also look down their noses at other felines. “Well, it’s your call. I can’t make you, obviously. I can’t even make you get off my damn leg.” 

::I like your leg.:: He ran his tongue up my shin. Despite my better judgment I felt a shiver go up my spine. That tongue could do amazing things when he decided to shift back. It was still rough, one of the perks I figured of having a tiger for a lover.

I resisted. He knew exactly what he was doing. “I swear I’ll be home before lunch tomorrow. Promise.”

::Will you bring me something?:: The pout was back.

“Of course. I’ll stop at that wild game market by my parents, and pick up some of those elk steaks you love. Maybe some wild boar.”

The hold on my leg loosened slightly. ::You mean it? Really? Would you get me bison if they have any?::
 “Yes sweetheart. I’ll get you bison.” He was such a meat slut, and I meant that in every sense of the word. Did I mention the perks of a tiger shifter? 

He finally released my leg. ::Fine. You can go.::

I rolled my eyes. As if it was his decision. “Okay, shift and give me a proper good-bye.” 

The air shimmered around him, and my gorgeous tiger was standing in front of me. Silky hair like midnight brushing his shoulders, his skin a burnished brown like a polished nut, those big golden eyes giving me the puppy dog look. He’d kill me if he thought I compared him in any way with a canine, but he was working the look. 

“You promise?” 

I knew what he meant; he wasn’t talking about bison or wild boar. “I swear on a stack of t-bone steaks. I have no interest in him, and I’m sure he’s not interested in me. He’s seeing someone else, and I couldn’t tell my parents not to invite him. It’s their party.” 

“Okay.” The pout looked much cuter on him in human form, his lower lip sticking out. 

I pulled him close and sucked on that lip, giving his bare ass a pat with my hand. “I love you. I’ll be home tomorrow at lunch. Have the barbecue fired up, and we’ll have your choice.”

His eyes lit up. See? Meat slut. He wrapped his arms my neck and gave me a proper good-bye kiss. “I’ll miss you anyway.” 

“I know. I’ll miss you too.” I pulled out of his arms and headed toward the car. “And Joseph?” 

He blinked back at me; he’d been gazing over at the neighbor’s yard across the fence. “Yes, Freddie?” 

“Leave the damn neighbour’s dog alone.” 
Hehehe, Tam's done it again! Thank you, and the meat case will never look the same again. Tam has another present for us, this time a free short available through Goodreads.
I Dare You, Back (Dare #3)

Derek has been moody and bitchy since before Christmas, however no one seems to be able to figure out why. When Derek announces that he plans to leave town after he graduates in a few months, his friends know they have to take action now. A blast from Derek’s past makes it all clear, but can a reverse dare really convince Derek that a happy ever after could be his, if he’s willing to give Jaden a second chance?


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