Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Thousand Word Thursday Story from Sara York

The Grudge Match

Philip hadn’t played volleyball in five years and his serve still stunk, but he’d be damned if he would let Adrian win. The bastard pissed him off last week when he made fun of his ten year old car. So what if he wasn’t driving the latest sports car.
His last serve had been a total fail. Billy, the guy he’d wanted to date since he’d seen him at Jay’s bar two months ago, stood off to the side, his plump cock visible through his shorts. God, Philip wished that woody was for him.

“Come on, Philip, you can do better than that,” Billy called out.

Their gaze met and Philip’s heart squeezed. Lust bubbled through his belly as Billy gave him a lopsided smile. Heck, with Billy cheering for him, he felt like anything was possible.

Adrian snorted and called to Philip before he tossed the ball high for his serve. Adrian’s body flew through the air as he smacked the ball, sending it over the net. Philip dove for the dig, blasting the ball over the net. He crawled to his feet, jumping as the ball sailed towards him. His hand connected and he smacked the ball over the net and directly into the sand.

His gaze darted to Billy, catching the grin on his face, and the wink he threw his way. Heat rose on Philip’s neck and raced down his body. God, getting a boner in his Speedo’s would be embarrassing.

Philip turned away from Billy, trying to concentrate on the game and not the beautiful Billy. He served again, this time the ball sailed over the net, falling to the sand on Adrian’s side. Billy cheered and winked at him.

Excitement wound through Philip. He’d never dreamt he’d have a chance to date Billy. Hell, the guy hadn’t paid any attention to him before.

Maybe it was the clothes he was wearing, or not wearing today. With Billy cheering for him, it made all the difference in the world. Philip made digs, smacks and sets he’d thought impossible. Only one more point and he’d win.

“Philip, you win this and I’m taking you out to dinner,” Billy called to him.

Philip almost dropped the ball when he looked up and saw the excitement on Billy’s face. The guy wasn’t joking with him about the date, they were going to go out.

With a high toss, Philip jumped forward and smacked his serve, sending it over the net. Adrian volleyed the ball back to him, and Philip set the ball over the net, right into Adrian’s bump. The ball almost fell to the sand, but Philip saved it at the last second. Over the net the ball went again. They volleyed back and forth, Adrian moving with skill and Philip matching his moves.

Philip’s big break came after the eleventh ball over the net. Adrian dove in for a dig and was slow coming to his feet. Philip jumped up and smacked the ball, sending it to the opposite corner of the court. There was no way for Adrian to recover.

Billy raced over, hugging Philip and kissing him on the cheek. “That was magnificent.”

Philip gulped down his nervousness, hoping like hell he could stay standing once Billy let him go.

“Thanks. Um, about dinner,” Philip said.

Billy stepped back, his eyes traveled down Philip’s body and back up, “Yes, tonight, you don’t mind, do you?”

He shook his head, “No, I want to go out with you.”

The blush on Billy’s cheeks looked good. “I didn’t think you were interested in me.”

Their gazes connected and Philip couldn’t help but smile. “You’re the reason I won.”

Adrian came over to shake Philip’s hand, his mouth in a sour pinch. “Guess you’re better at volleyball, but I’m still hotter because of my car.”

Billy turned to Adrian, but he didn’t drop his arm from around Philip’s waist.

“Adrian, just because you have new car doesn’t make you hot. Philip has more sex appeal in his little finger than you have in your whole body.”

Billy pulled Philip into a wet kiss, cupping his ass. They broke the kiss, their breaths coming in gasps.

“Babe, you are hot, and don’t forget it,” Billy said.

Philip had never felt so good in his life. He’d showed up Adrian, beating him in a game of volleyball, and he got the hot guy too. Talk about an excellent start to a wonderful weekend.

 Thanks so much, Sara! There's more of Sara's work to be enjoyed here:

Passion and lust brings them together, what they don't expect is to fall in love.

Jake Grant is a sexy personal trainer not looking for anyone after his long-time partner passes away. He's ready to throw away his dreams by selling the gym just to get away from the ghost of his past. But once he meets Lance everything changes.

Lance Abbott is an orthopaedic surgeon who specialising in sports medicine and is completely in the closet. He is convinced that if his clients found out he was gay they would all leave his practice and he would have to abandon the work he loves. When he meets Jake, a man who is totally out, all of Lance’s perceptions about being “out” are challenged.

Passions and lust drive Lance and Jake together. But they soon find out their relationship is deeper than the physical heat between them. Can what they have last without anyone finding out? Or should Lance give up his insecurities and embrace Jake fully?  


  1. Great story Sara. Oh, to think of sun and sand and beaches on this cold morning. :-)

  2. Nice one Sara. I enjoyed the story. Amazing what you can do with 1000 or so words :-)

  3. Great short, Sara. I love what a little incentive can do.

  4. Chrissy, he had such a nice incentive too. Glad you liked it Nicholas, Eden and Tam. I enjoyed writing this little short.


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