Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Thousand Word Thursday Drabble from Chrissy Munder

Smile for the Camera

“My mum’s not going to see this, is she?” Derek shifted against the red sheets; uneasy at way the cheap polyester clung to the damp patches on his back. Sure he was sweating, but who wouldn’t?

“Buddy, if your Mum is looking for calendars on our website you’ve got bigger things to worry about.” The balding photographer, lit cigarette tucked into the corner of his mouth, smirked as he fiddled with the camera.

Derek watched the rising cloud of smoke, flinching when the Santa cap dropped gleefully over his exposed dick.

“Now, just lean back and smile for the camera.”

Whee! Someone took me seriously that short rocks! Thanks to Chrissy for a holiday drabble, and check out her other holiday stories. (PS I just read Winter Warmers and enjoyed all the stories.)
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  1. Absolutely bloody PERFECT! Nice going, Chrissy!

  2. Glad you liked it, Carole. *g* I couldn't resist that picture.

  3. It's adorable!! But then I shouldn't be surprised you can get so much fun and feeling into so few words x.

    Clare (London, cos I can't get in to comment under ANY of the other Blogger options, as usual *sigh*)

  4. Anonymous Clare, the best I can figure is that it is hard to comment if you have 3rd party cookies turned off in your browser.

    It's so much fun what a hundred words can do.


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