Monday, October 24, 2011

Library Science Just Got Sexy by EM Lynley

Library Science Just Got Sexy by EM Lynley
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, M/M
Length: 33 pages

Drake Talbott is a young university professor with a big secret: he's been dating a student. Hunky, handsome Kerry Monroe isn't in any of Drake's classes, but he has a public sex kink that Drake is in no particular hurry to curb. In fact Kerry's brought out a wilder side of Drake that he never knew he possessed. When an extracurricular tryst in the library stacks nearly brings their relationship to the attention of the powers that be at the university, Drake's just not sure whether his career will survive Kerry's appetites--or his own.

In EM Lynley's short, hot, and exhibitionistic story, Kerry and Drake are a newly formed pair, who have every reason to keep their activities under wraps. Drake's professorship might not survive the exposure. Library Science Just Got Sexy shows us a couple of guys who just can't keep their hands off each other.

These two haven't solidified as a couple; they're still finding out about each other, and their explorations turn into quite a lot of steamy sex. Drake's fears of exposure are on the opposite ends of the spectrum from Kerry's love of the edge, though he's rapidly figuring out what Kerry likes about semipublic adventures. Drake does have a lot on the line, but he wants to please Kerry, who's young enough to think of the thrills ahead of the risks.

Kerry doesn't completely disregard the risks to Drake, and that's where this story gels. Each man has to work to getting what he wants and needs while still respecting the other's wants and needs—they do it well enough that you can tell that these two are going to make it as a couple, and possibly induce heart attacks in the readers, too. 4 marbles

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