Sunday, October 2, 2011

Interesting Search Words

Now and then I look at my site stats, like who comes around and where they come from. How they get here. Stuff like that.

I got a bunch of queries lately including "mediafire" and "download".


You won't ever get help for piracy from me. The authors work hard, they sell entertainment for coin, and they deserve to get paid for amusing you. I pay for my stories with words, I have to say something intelligent about what I read, and if I just want to read, I pay for it.

Support your authors. They give you pleasure, or entertainment, or even eyerolls, but they give you something. Just like cable or HBO. Steal that and sooner or later crabby people with wirecutters show up at your door. Authors don't have that protection yet. They should.

Just because it's electronic doesn't mean it's free. And don't EVER expect me to help you steal.

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