Saturday, October 29, 2011

Catching Mr. Right by Amber Kell

Catching Mr Right by Amber Kell
Publisher: Total-E-Bound
Genre: M/M Contemporary
Length: 61 pages

Book one in the Dangerous Lovers Series
Sometimes the perfect man is the one determined to give you away.

Tucker Right has loved Norman Wells since the first day they met, but the mercenary believes the beautiful scientist needs a gentler soul to care for him.

Determined to find his friend the perfect man, Tucker is astonished to learn Norm has no intention of being set up.

When the mob targets Norm for his scientific breakthroughs Tucker has to step up and claim the man who had every intention of Catching Mr Right.


Five years of keeping their real desires hidden turns out to be all Norman and Tucker can stand. Best friends and close companions, they know each other like an old married couple but it's always been hands off. Tucker thinks he isn't worthy of the genius who fixes his breakfast, and Norman doesn't understand why Tucker's never touched him. Amber Kell sorts this muddle out in Catching Mr. Right.

Big, ex-mercenary Tucker calls Norman "sweetheart" frequently, and mother-hens him about finding a nice guy to keep, someone who doesn't have blood on his hands. One of the blind dates is a pretty perceptive fellow, cluing Norman in to the real state of affairs and letting him turn the tables on the guy who's directing his life but standing apart from it. This was pretty funny to watch – everyone's pulling everyone else's strings and secretly making their own maneuvers.

Had the story not strayed into non-comic territory, it might have worked better, but a creepy mobster gets involved, interested in Norman personally as well as for his scientific breakthroughs. The mob and the science all get a once over lightly treatment, which is fine if you don't want bad bad guys or scientific science. Even Tucker's dangerous background gets the gloss-over. There's a romantic comedy set against thriller-lite here.

This is a light and fluffy concoction, and might be perfect for a reader who's in the mood for that and who can forgive the repetitive "the bigger man", "the smaller man", and "the blond" kinds of identifications. Unfortunately, I found that style to be an irritant in a story with a lot of interesting tidbits that get mentioned for an instant but not explored, and contains the dreaded "we've seen the doctors so let's bareback" sex scene that also invokes every man Norman's ever been to bed with.

The end does have a nice little twist for the mobster. "Catching Mr. Right" lets Norman and Tucker catch each other, and ends on a sweet soft sigh. 3 marbles

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