Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Gentleman and His Jockey --how it happened

A Gentleman By His Racehorse With Jockey Up On A Racecourse
A Gentleman By His Racehorse With Jockey Up On A Racecourse

This is what started the whole project, and it's a story I can tell here but not on Dark Divas, but it makes me so happy I just have to share it.

JM Cartwright was inspired by the pic back when I first posted it, and sent me way more than a thousand words of some really hot stuff. I was blown away by the effort, and also afraid that no one would read to the end because then the site was white print on black background and it would have been kind of painful to deal with that much text.

And I also wanted to know how they ended up in that situation, because horse races are exciting. So I batted my eyes and said please. And just look! It's got a cover and all!  And JM very nicely put a shout out to me in there, and this is where I tell the author Thanks, because that's never happened before.

Find it here.


  1. Crys - I so enjoyed this process, and am proud of our collaboration. Thank you!

  2. Collaboration is a little overstatement -- I found a picture and wibbled. But I like the result.


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