Friday, July 8, 2011

A Picture is Worth...

Sorry darlings, RL is cleaning my clock and Dark Divas and I aren't quite meshed yet, so posting has been sparse. Just for apologies, I offer you a whole lotta naked guys to look at here!

In some related news to our Thousand Word Thursday posts -- I just heard from an author that she got inspired by the jockey picture and wrote. And wrote. And kept writing. The piece ran way over 1000 words for here -- she sent it into her publisher, who said Yes! Oh Yes, like publishers should do when offered a fine story. So keep an eye out for JM Cartright's A Gentleman and His Jockey to come out later this summer! More news as it comes available. Gee I'm excited that JM got so inspired.

So, anyone inspired by our swimmers? A hundred to a thousand words about it (for some reason, no one writes drabbles, why is that?) will get your news, covers, and links up here.

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