Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Picture is Worth...

It was Thursday, and somehow I managed to not hit "publish". Better late than never, so here is our prompt pic for the week.

Our last picture (of Mr. Rumpled and Confused) inspired a darling fic from Tam Ames, well worth the read. I am just so boggled by the talent that wanders by here.

This week's picture comes from the very talented Carole Cummings, who writes amazing epic stories and draws wonderful pictures. She also may possibly juggle flaming batons, a skill hard to translate to the internet, so we'll read and admire.

Dream, Carole's second installment of Aisling, is out from Prizm Press (also available at Amazon and All Romance eBooks), and it is a most worthy followup to part one, Guardian. I'm still writing the review, but let me just say, it was a "read straight through" read for me, and phoo on RL for interrupting.

Carole also has a short coming out from Dreamspinner in the not too distant future, and they used some of her artwork for the cover. Is this woman fabulous or what?

An author who has a story to tell on these two handsome gentlemen will have it posted here with news, covers, and links. Who's inspired?

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