Sunday, June 5, 2011

Back in the Closet by KevaD

Back in the Closet (Out of the Closet, #2)Sometimes the best-laid plans don't mean you get laid.

Chaz and Mike are inaugurating their life together as an openly gay couple. Bliss is inevitable, until a dead relative rises up and brings their plans to a screeching halt.

Chaz's not-so-dearly departed Amish Uncle Silas has bequeathed his nephew his farm . . . and a $60,000 tax bill if Chaz doesn't play by the rules.

With empty wallets, the duo and their kitten, TCT, head off for Iowa to live on the farm for ninety days - without electricity or plumbing . . . or sex.

While Mike finds trees to climb, horses to ride, and a big ax to play with, and TCT discovers a wide array of critters to chase and capture, Chaz faces a past veiled in mystery.

As a young boy, Chaz spent time on the farm. Why can't he remember the giant oak tree or the ancient barn? Each time he tries to enter the barn, terror stops him cold.

Chaz will need courage he's never had before, along with all the strength in his partner's lusciously muscled body, to solve the riddles plaguing him. Keeping Mike and his ax from chopping off the wrong piece of lumber might not be a bad idea, either.

Chaz and Mike are back in another adventure -- they are only recently out, very much in love, and even the peculiar stuff is funny. Starting with the odd process server who announces they'll be going out on this agrarian adventure or else, to the comedic possibilities of a kitty turned loose in garter snake paradise, the couple has ninety days to figure out the mysteries of Uncle Silas' bequest. No sex in that time may or may not sharpen their minds.

Chaz spent a lot of time on the farm as a child but can't recall details, only emotions, and the teasing out of the memories is a major thread of the story. This is really the only serious issue, yet it is resolved with the innocent humor that runs through the rest; sometimes falling out of a tree is the right thing to do.

This was also my problem with the story, while it needed to be a big enough issue to create Chaz's memory problems, its also a triggery issue for a lot of readers including me, and kind of jarring in the context of a humor piece. It left me with some mixed feelings.

Best of all, the relationship between the Amish community and the two men is played as "just neighbors" and who cares if that would be the way of it in real life, this was refreshing. A lot of things are wrapped very sweetly, and the book left me with overall good feelings. (And Mike is adorable and needs to be smushed in a big hug.)3.5 Marbles

This was 2nd in the series but it read fine as a standalone too.

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