Friday, May 20, 2011

A Thousand Word Thursday Story from Elizabeth Brooks

Warmth. Lips and tongue teasing, coaxing. G.T. swam up out of the depths of sleep to return the kiss in full, lifting his hands to slide into Brian's hair, soft and still slightly damp from his shower. "Mmm," G.T. murmured, "I love having you for an alarm clock."

Brian laughed and nuzzled his way around G.T.'s jaw to his ear, and bit down hard on the lobe.

G.T.'s cock was fully awake now, even if G.T. was still a little dreamy. "Oh, fuck," he gasped, "do we have time...?"

Brian's hand closed over G.T.'s cock. G.T. arched into the touch, loving the rasp of Brian's callouses. "No," Brian said regretfully. "You have an early meeting, you said, and rumor had it there's going to be an inspection at my site today, so I'd better be on time." Brian kissed G.T. again. "We can meet for lunch?"

G.T. sighed. "Let's skip lunch and meet for a nooner," he said. "Come to my office and we'll lock ourselves in the copier room again."

Brian grinned and gave G.T.'s cock one last squeeze before he released it. "It's a date," he promised. He seemed about to say more, but then glanced at the clock and cursed. "Gotta run. Love you, babe." He gave G.T. a last, hurried kiss, then jogged out of the room and their apartment.

G.T. rolled over and peered out the window, watching until he saw Brian emerge onto the street and continue his jog down the block toward the bus station. G.T. smiled and stretched, and wondered if this hard-on was going to subside before his presentation, and whether he had any pants that would be resistant to both come stains and copier toner...

Awww, I hope they enjoy their "lunch". Thank you, Elizabeth, for giving us this little peek into their morning.

Elizabeth Brooks is the author of Of One Mind and "Of Sound Mind", and her newest novella, Safe Harbor, is due out from Torquere Press in July. Find her work here, and all of her latest news at her LJ blog.

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  1. Awww...I wanna be woke up like that! I hope the guys have a great lunch. Very nice little peek into their morning.


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